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In the 1960’s there was a rock group from England, let’s call them The “Trundles”, who defined and then redefined the sound and style of the decade. They recorded influential hit albums, and made iconoclastic and delightful motion pictures. But in 1966, the period at which they were arguably at their creative peak, they released no corresponding motion picture, no instant classic to nestle in their filmography between their spy spoof and their animated adventure.

Once again, What if…?

The Future Starts Tomorrow takes the Trundles on a fab excusion through time and space as they encounter evil robots, mad scientists, surly knights, martians, and even the future versions of themselves! Join Tom, Saul, Raj, and Bingo for a hi-fi sci-fi adventure featuring a soundtrack of all-new Trundle hits!

Currently in pre-production.

Mail: darklordrob@americanentropy.com